whose owner is "FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" from Novi Sad, MBR: 20513870, PIB: 106016183, Code no. 6920, 6201, Lukijana Mušickog 11, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia, Tel: + 381-21-472-2624, E-mail: sales@websitebureau.us (hereinafter "Finansijski biro DOO") and a visitor or registered member of the site (hereinafter "USER"), with full acceptance of the provisions of the privacy policy FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO, and under the following conditions:

Article 1.

UThe contracting parties hereby determine the mutual rights and obligations regarding the provision and use of services " FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" in the territory of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter "STATE"), web address "FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" in Serbia is www.finansijskibiro.com

Article 2.

"FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" is obliged to provide access to its web tools that enable the client to perform tasks independently, in a simple and quality manner, and in accordance with the possibilities and regulations that are an integral part of this contract, in accordance with the law.

Article 3.

"FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" undertakes to provide the "USER" with access to the paid service / product within a reasonable time after recording the agreed amount for payment.

Article 4.

"FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" undertakes to ensure the technical correctness and availability of "FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" products / services on the Internet in the agreed appearance and mode of operation, and if errors are detected, correct them in a timely manner. "FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" provides technical support .

Article 5.

"FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" has the right to use images and textual material received from the CLIENT, in order to advertise and popularize the site, through the media (radio, TV, internet) or printed materials (business cards, catalogs, posters, magazines, newspapers). , brochures, etc.)

Article 6.

When concluding this contract, the "USER" acquires the right to purchase, and is obliged to submit true and accurate information provided for the purchase process: company name, company address, contact e-mail, telephone, mobile and / or fax, PIB and ID number. "USER" is responsible for the truthfulness and credibility of the information entered.

Article 7.

By signing this contract, the "USER" confirms that he has all the necessary documents and licenses provided by law. "USER" undertakes to comply with applicable legal regulations and rules related to the provisions of personal data protection law, information law, copyright law, electronic signature law, trademark protection law, as well as other relevant regulations, will not use services for a purpose that is illegal, immoral, or inconsistent with good business practices, public order, or morals.

Article 8.

The "USER" is obliged to keep his username and password secret, primarily in order to restrict access to third parties and to prevent anyone from using the services without authorization. The "USER" is further obliged to immediately inform the service provider by sending a message to his e-mail address sales@websitebureau.us about any violation of his username and password (primarily his illegal use, misuse or potential misuse).

Article 9.

"USER" is responsible for the actions of any person who uses his username or password. He is responsible for any information left on the "STATE" website, and from his user account.

Article 10.

"USER" undertakes and agrees to:

  • - To violate any of the above rules is subject to the risk of punishment by exclusion from the "STATE" website.
  • - FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO reserves the right to exclude FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO account of the “USER” in case of violation of regulations or conditions FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO.

System integrity. "USER" undertakes and agrees to:

  • - Shall not in any way, in connection with the use of the Services, use or distribute files, which contain viruses, damaged files or any similar software or programs, which could damage the operation of the computer system of the Service Provider or any third party;
  • - Will not interfere with or in any way compromise the networks connecting it to the Services;
  • - Will not use any devices, software or program, or with the help of other means will not try to interfere with and disrupt the regular operation of the site, services and / or any transaction, which this site offers;
  • - Will not do anything that would cause an unreasonably or unreasonably large burden to the service provider's system.

The Client undertakes and agrees to:

  • - When using the services, he uses only the means of technical access and movement on the site and in the system FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO provided by the service provider, or patented by the company of the service provider;
  • - In no case will they use any automated means (e.g. agents, robots, scripts or spiders).

Article 11.

Payment for services/products "WEBSITE BUREAU US - FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO" is made through the bank account of the company FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO .

Article 12.

This agreement enters into force upon its acceptance upon registration at "FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO". The right to change this contract in whole or in part retains the " FINANSIJSKI BIRO DOO". All possible misunderstandings, during the validity of this Agreement, the parties will resolve by mutual consent, and if that is not possible, the court in Novi Sad has jurisdiction.

Article 13.

The contract has been read by the contracting parties and they accept it as their freely expressed will.